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De Lotto - Occhialeria italiana dal 1938


Tradition at the service of innovation: the story of who makes glasses since 80 years meets the trend of who is always looking forward searching for unexpected solututions, like the pair of different elements. Charming collections are born from this union. The collections favour classic lines without renouncing to new trends creating little works of art that are unique and precious.

The basis

De Lotto is a strong reality deeply rooted in the area of Cadore, the company has distinguished itself for professionalism and attention to the details. Through all this years of activity De Lotto stood out as a leading company in the production of glasses for the big players of the fashion industry and also as a luxury brand during the sixties.

The new project

Strong of the past experience and with the enthusiasm of who wants to look forward and get used to the new market tendencies De Lotto Eyewear experienced a real rebirth in 2016. The brand brings new lymph, new values and most of all new designs.

Experimentation and innovation

De Lotto Eyewear wants to be a synonym of experimentation and innovation.
Experimentation in the pair of elements that have different but complementary souls for collections where modern technology and innovation marry the classical design shapes.
Innovation in the selling: the core business as a company which produces glasses since 80 years allows us to take care of De Lotto Eyewear from their conception to the selling phase that comes directly from the producer to the final customer without mediatons pledging the highest standars with competitive prices.

Our story
1938 — When the company has been established

San Vito di Cadore, Belluno. Three young brothers Guido, Arturo and Mario De Lotto establish their namesake company in Belluno in 1938.
Their first idea was to start a carpenter’s shop but after a few years the partners set the bases for what would have soon become a leading Eyewear company thanks to their craftsman abilities.

1959 — The inauguration of the new headquarter

From 1959 to 1979 the pulsing heart of the factory counts almost one hundred employees. This lively reality directly hires almost all the families of this small village in the mountains and carries on an important social function.
De Lotto has always developed and commercialized its own brand becoming synonym of luxury glasses for the celebrities in the Sixties.

1995 — Luciano De Lotto

Luciano De Lotto, son of Mario, takes control of the family business soon becoming its administrator. Today De Lotto represents one of the most amazing realities of the high quality glasses industry, the only one that always works and produces exclusively in Italy.

2016 — De Lotto Eyewear

With the third generation De Lotto is back on the market with a new experimental collection that has a special consideration for the new demands of the market.

From design to production, up until the end user.
Since 1938, De Lotto’s mission has not changed.
Discover the story of the company on occhialidelotto.it
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